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Ready to see if fixed indexed annuities could help you reach your retirement goals?


FIAs protect your nest egg.

Nearly 90 percent of Americans lack confidence in their retirement savings (IALC data, October 2017). FIAs provide peace of mind and minimum guarantees. With FIAs, your principal is protected from market loss and will never decline in value, as long as you continue through the length of your contract.

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FIAs balance your retirement plan.

Financial markets can be volatile. A balanced approach helps minimize risk, yet only 9 percent of Americans prioritize financial diversity (IALC data, September 2017). Products like FIAs can help by protecting principal from market loss, without giving up the potential for growth.

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FIAs offer a lifetime income stream.

One in four Baby Boomers have less than $5,000 saved for retirement (IALC data, September 2017). As Americans live longer, many will run out of retirement savings far too soon. FIAs not only offer steady, guaranteed lifetime income, but also protect you from market volatility. 

Resources for

Retirement Savers

Build a successful retirement with resources to guide you through your financial journey. From predictive calculators to a retirement game, use our interactive tools to plan for your golden years and determine how an FIA could fit into your retirement plan.

Tools for

Financial Professionals

Empower your clients to be savvy savers by showing them how FIAs fit into a balanced financial plan, protect their principal from market loss, and provide retirement income.

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