2017: A Year of Uncertainty

Americans are living longer and spending more time in retirement. This has left many of us wondering if our retirement money will last and if we will be able to maintain and enjoy the same standard of living throughout our lifetime.

2017: America Is Incredibly Savings Insecure.

donut chart showing 90%

Nearly 90% of Americans are not very confident in their overall retirement savings situation.

donut chart showing 56%

In fact, 56% of Americans admit they are unsure if their retirement savings will last their lifetime.

donut chart showing one in three

Creating this feeling is that less than 1/3 have a retirement plan that guarantees lifetime income.

donut chart showing 42%

When seeking information or advice about finances and money, 42% of Americans turn to friends or family members, 41% rely on search engines, like Google, and only 39% ask a financial professional.

donut chart showing one in five

Further adding to the stress is that one in five Americans have nothing saved for retirement at all.

donut chart showing plus 50%

More than half of Americans do not have a will.

What Can You Do?

Sharpen your pencils. Let’s work the numbers.

It’s one thing to know the facts about retirement and fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) in general, but quite another to figure out if one is right for your specific circumstances. Use this worksheet to review your retirement plan and see if an FIA should be included.

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